EASY as 1, 2, 3

ZeroFault was designed by seasoned AIX consultants who need to quickly, painlessly,
and unobtrusively install, debug, and fix programs on customer machines.

As a result, you can install ZeroFault and inspect a program in 60 seconds with three
simple commands.

Assume that you would like to inspect the /bin/ls program under ZeroFault. After
placing the install package into a temporary directory, run these 3 commands:

 ./install -NORMAL
 export PATH=/usr/lpp/ZeroFault/bin:$PATH
 zf /usr/bin/ls -ld /var

The ZeroFault X-Window GUI appears so you can analyze errors. It is just that EASY!


The attention to EASE of use reveals itself in the documentation. The documentation
is html in order to allow viewing with your web browser. The entire documentation,
when printed, is approximately 20 pages.

Do you want to wade through a multi-hundred page
user manual to run a debugger on your program?

With ZeroFault, you don't!

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