ZeroFault catches the memory errors and leaks that plague nearly all software. There's no need to
recompile or relink your programs, you can start finding those problems immediately. In most cases,
it's as simple as inserting the word "zf" in front of the command you use to invoke your program.
ZeroFault makes no distinction between your code and someone else's, it could help you locate
errors in third-party libraries and programs that you depend on.

ZeroFault detects a comprehensive set of memory errors:

  • Memory leaks of all kinds
  • Reads or writes of unallocated stack, heap, and static memory
  • Reads of uninitialized stack, heap, and static memory
  • Reads or writes of freed heap memory
  • Attempts to free or realloc unallocated memory
  • Invalid arguments passed to system calls and common functions
ZeroFault's error reports show:
  • Traceback leading to the error
  • Line number information
  • Memory address of the error
  • Allocation and deallocation traceback of any memory block related to the error
  • ZeroFault works on 32 or 64 bit AIX programs:*
  • No source code required
  • Works on stripped executables and libraries
  • Works with large threaded programs
  • Works on third-party programs and libraries
  • Works with large and complex programs
  • Works on C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, assembler, etc.
  • Works with dynamically loaded libraries and modules

  • ZeroFault is easy to use:
    • No modifying your build environment
    • No recompilation
    • No relinking
    • No creating new executable images
    • Just install it and start using it

    ZeroFault is powerful and effective:

    • Follows forks and execs
    • Provides both GUI and ASCII interfaces
    • Provides on-line documentation
    • Provides source-code display and editing
    • Expand and collapse error reports with a single click
    • Sort errors by severity, order of occurrence, location, etc.
    • Condense errors by module, function, location, etc.
    • Filter errors by regular-expression pattern matching
    • Offers flexible licensing models to fit different needs

    System requirements:

    • AIX: 71, 61, 53, 52, 51, 43, 42, 41, 325
    • 32 or 64 Bit Power/PPC machine running AIX.
    • 128 megabytes of memory
    • 25 megabytes of free disk space

    * You'll find it difficult to find a program that is incompatible with ZF.
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